• The Ideological Design of the Neoliberal State thumbnail image Co-working2011-02-15

    —The Ideological Design of the Neoliberal State

    Since neoliberalism proposed the subsumption of the entirety of human relations in the market, imagining the social independent of economic motives and behavior seems impossible. The key to getting ourselves out of this quasi-naturalized ideological hell realm is to recognize it as such and reinvent plurality and its affects. By Dirk Schuck.
  • Programming Each Other thumbnail image Co-working2010-09-24

    —Programming Each Other

    The newest addition to The Public School was recently launched in Berlin. Caleb Waldorf reveals a spectrum of meta-reflections on The Public School as an experimental way of programming.
  • The Locus of Poetry thumbnail image Co-working2010-08-16

    —The Locus of Poetry

    Ryan Nance gives us an indispensable tool for seeking an up-to-the-minute understanding of reading poetry. Some readers will concern themselves with reducing the reading process, some with adding value and usefulness.
  • Cooking Invocation thumbnail image Co-working2010-06-10

    —Cooking Invocation

    Two centuries ago, the French food critic Grimod de La Reynière once stated, “only the vulgar would see no more to kitchen than saucepans and no more to dinner than dishes.”