• The Beauty of Poison: Neon-Tragic Theatre thumbnail image Meeting Room2011-02-15

    —The Beauty of Poison: Neon-Tragic Theatre

    The metaphor of “the choreographic” operates on vague associations with uh, movement? uh, embodiment? when it’s actually an aestheticized catch-all for the neoliberal invectives of risk and competition. With it has come a slew of disconcertingly inarticulate venturers holding talks and panels ad infinitum. This all made Steffi Hensel uneasy, so she threw a party with poison, trashy colors and her tragic consciousness. Dramatic? Precisely.
  • Thoughts on the Integrity of Your Personal Brand thumbnail image Meeting Room2010-09-24

    —Thoughts on the Integrity of Your Personal Brand

    Intrigued by the particularities of the Zeitgeist, Legwork invited immaterial labor virtuoso Doug Popovich, a brand and marketing communications geek and artwife based in NYC, for a chat. Images from the recent work of Alex Auriema.
  • Michael Jackson Logo Love Poem thumbnail image Meeting Room2010-08-16

    —Michael Jackson Logo Love Poem

    The logo is a strategy of involvement in which instantaneous familiarity accrues time and again–we are already so involved in logos that moments of self-aware involvement hardly, if ever, occur. Timothy Murray talks to Judith Hamera.