• www.Thismelancholywhore.cu thumbnail image A Piece2011-02-15


    Spreading your legs for someone else’s political agenda is how it’s always gone down. And with the increasing production of expanded selves, identity got on all fours and whored itself out like never before, making narrating oneself in a place a strange fiction. Romina Ruíz-Goiriena in Havana, Paris, anywhere.
  • Mistaken Identities, Part II (The Written Lecture) thumbnail image A Piece2010-09-24

    —Mistaken Identities, Part II (The Written Lecture)

    “Life may not be fair, but things like the Judson Dance Theater actually tried to make things a little more egalitarian.” The unfair part: shifting alliances, egos, and the careerism of art worlds. Daryl Chin offers a candid view on Judson and how to better theorize it. The written lecture.
  • I Need the Owl: Poetry and the Visual thumbnail image A Piece2010-08-16

    —I Need the Owl: Poetry and the Visual

    A Photo by Zoe Childerley, a poem by Kerry Featherstone, another one by Mark Goodwin. Thoughts on the difference between articulating the visual and being inspired by the visual.
  • The Art Hugger thumbnail image A Piece2010-07-16

    —The Art Hugger

    A non-artist initiated intervention that has recently been taking place throughout museums in Chicago, prompting the question, what are we supposed to do with the art aura?