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By Legwork

Issue number one.


Whatever not in the indifferent hair-twirling sense, but in the indifferent Agambian sense. He is after all the most bad-ass, inspired of living philosophers (see this issue’s TrendMatrix).  So, issue number one of a platform for activity that may or may not at times have anything to do with publication whatsoever.  Whatever.  In the best sense of the word, with all its affirming implications for desire, collaboration, initiative, and being such that it is and always matters.

I can’t wait for our institutional costumes.

Be well,

There are always many ways to say more and many ways to say less.  Realizing that there is no final and right number of articulations to be reached puts things into a rather fun perspective.  And then the world greets you with the question: so what is it that you are doing?  What amuses me about this question is that it pretends to put the process in the center of inquiry, but as a matter of fact always ends up anticipating an end product.  As if it were common knowledge with the premise that any process is necessarily and merely an overture to an object.

I would rather like to think about a body without objects. The product cannot be defined here, well at least not in definition by nouns. It’s just how we live — everyone has their own little cosmos, and these cosmos merge together when they meet. There is no right or wrong interpretation. There’s just someone enriching and reinventing a context of another little cosmos, making it more versatile and vital. Whereas the only thing it requires is a chance to manifest that from which it was inspired. I like Legwork being a manifestation.

The thing is that you can always make shit happen, even if half the planets were retrograde the moment you were born.


FYI: Our Internet / Our Identity

Up until this point, Legwork has been a gestating collaborative organism located in the belly of a brand and website. The brand was created to be as flexible as its founders’ choreographic interests. The website was developed to catalyze and publicly represent the combined energies of its contributors by offering an interface in which a corresponding collaborative identity can be maintained. Both will grow and change over time. This is the support structure of our Legwork.

Yours truly,