There is nothing less passive than the act of fleeing…

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Together they followed non-directional lines of flight leading themselves somewhere that was nowhere, no time, unmarked, perceptibly present.  If continuity had mattered, such incoherent utopian quasi-gestures of diffusion could have been terribly empty or sublimely full.  Instead, they were.

From: caleb waldorf
Date: July 16, 2010 2:00:06 PM GMT+02:00


sorry to not reply sooner. bit crazed with getting this dinner pulled off.

so to answer both your emails:

The link for the project is:

The link to the AAAAARG issue is:

The project/list organizers are:
Organized by Sean Dockray, Caleb Waldorf and Fiona Whitton

There are photos here:

and here:

(If you wait till tmr there will be photos from all 13 days!)

Anything else?! see you tonight!