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By Legwork

Humble Authorship/ Jean Baudrillard Died/ Intellectuals to the rescue!!/ THE AUTHORSHIP is: AUGUST GOFORTH, a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, who is also an intuitive-mental and psychophysical spirit medium./ self-authorship in liberal arts education/ That’s Not Michael Jackson’s Song/ some gay-ass ’80s shit: the author’s singular presence on the literary landscape/ DEATH OF THE CURATOR eventually comforting us through inevitable reification/ an uncommonly good reader certain of his books and himself/ with an artistic approach that is as conceptual and analytic as it is poetic and existential/ RIP j.d. salinger/howard zinn/ ‘I meant to write about death but life came crashing in, as usual.’ Virginia Woolf, diary entry, 17 February 1922/ What gets to the real people? A classic classic essay by Roland Barthes revisited at / Don’t be afraid of death, dear Author. You can still keep your things with you for a while. / And I wondered, what actually legitimizes one as an author. / Authors die, but legends do not./ Did she die? Or was it a fake, a play, a staging?/ Serious abstract of a serious text on a serious problem: After the linguistic and anthropological turns, we are now in the middle of the visual turn. In an attempt to articulate what could be a genuinely visual moment in literature, narrativity and visuality are brought together in the notion of a visual act. Interdisciplinarity is also there./ Killing the author who killed the art history?/ Becoming Duchamp by Sylvere Lotringer/ Author, media, authenticity… Identity Identity Identity Identity…/ Aren’t you just convinced: SUPPORT LIVING ARTISTS!!!!/ Those 60s… Nowhere without conceptual art./ Was hoping someone had written about the death of e-flux, but instead found this article about zombie’s and the death of death./ The spectacular death of Jeff Koons marks the death of the blog author./ Eternal Death‽